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TONUS — Organic Sprouted  100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread  Technology of Breadmaking and Bakery Equipment

Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION

Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION


Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS

Medical Reviews & Diets




Publications about the whole grain nutrition and diet, the role of dietary fibers in the treatment of diseases, etc., and publications, whether directly or indirectly related with Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless bread TONUS.

Effects of Grains on Glucose and Insulin Responses
Ph.D. Kay M. Behall and Ph.D. Judith Hallfrisch
Pages 269-281 in: Whole-grain foods in health and disease: Marquart L., Slavin J.L. and Fulcher R.G., ads, Am. Assoc. of Cereal Chemists: st. Paul, MN, 2002. (all the text in English)

List of Scientific Publications
Whole grain nutrition and diet, dietary fiber, and their role and importance in the treatment of disease, for example as: cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. List of Scientific Publications (all the text in English)


Below, the titles and short abstracts in English, contents in Russian.

Diet with bread without flour TONUS from sprouted grains
Top Diets and Diet by month for the year against cellulite and obesity.
From the book “Down with obesity and cellulite.”
MD Topuzov I., Sofia, Bulgaria, 1998

The Montignac Method
Montignac.Com, Kulin.Ru, Phudet.Ru, frism.Ru

Our food can heal us
Chief Nutritionist of Chelyabinsk, MD Potemkina L.V. answers to questions. Recommendations on the topics: diet, whole grain bread TONUS, a variety of weight loss diet.
“Chelyabinsk Worker” (Chelyabinsk city, Russia), 10.04.2003

Orthodox Lent with the doctor's perspective
Osipova, allergist.
Orthodox newspaper number 23-24 (79) 1997
The official publication of the Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church (Yekaterinburg city, Russia)

Sprouts – the source of health
The healing properties of sprouted grains. Sprouts of wheat, rye and oats – the content of vitamins and chemicals.
PhD Shaskolskaya N.D., Scientific Center “Sprout” (Moscow, Russia)

The prospect for enrichment of food with vitamin C
As sprouts plants and cereals actively synthesize vitamin C during germination. Sprouts lentils, mung bean, chickpea, buckwheat, sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame and milk thistle – the content of vitamin C.
PhD Shaskolskaya N.D., Scientific Center “Sprout” (Moscow, Russia)

Attention! Doctors warn: constipation dangerous for health!
What's going on with our health for constipation and as dietary fiber whole grain foods solve this problem.
Fedorova N., “World News”, N 43 (669), 17.10.2006

Metabolic effects of dietary fiber
All about the dietary fiber: Terms; composition; content in various food products, conversion in the gastrointestinal tract, Dietary fiber and various diseases, classification and physiological effects of dietary fibers.
MD Ardatskaya M.D.,
Associate Professor, Department of Gastroenterology.
Medical Center of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)


Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION

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