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“TONUS” — Organic Sprouted  100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread  Technology of Breadmaking and Bakery Equipment

Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION

Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION

Our baked Flourless bread TONUS looks like a usual bread in appearance and taste, `has a thin crispy crust and a delicious crumb, pleasant to the taste
Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless bread TONUS, Wt 300g

Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS –
Uniqueness and Difference




Unfortunately, a bread from flour – one of the basic food in the world.

The most important components are removed from the grain during milling into flour: the germ, aleurone layer and multi-layer membrane.

The higher the quality of the flour, the less nutrients are in it after grinding. High quality flour has the lowest nutritional value. Almost all of the vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber removed from this flour. The amino acid composition of the protein in this flour is very poor and not balanced.

Therefore, any bread made from high-grade flour almost useless to the human body.

Now, bread is baked from flour with addition of whole or crushed grains and seeds, with bran, with vitamin supplements, etc., thereby bakers are trying to restore into the bread previously deleted from the grain some nutrients.

Many firms have been called the “wholegrain” bread from flour containing only additions (5-20%) coarsely chopped, crushed seeds of one species or a mixture of grains, which are practically not absorbed by the human body. Remember, such bread is still make from flour – not from whole grain without flour.


is baked without flour
from sprouted whole grain only

Is provided a special patented technology and confirmed by scientific research:

All the important parts of the grain are stored and they are in biologically active phase (a phase of germination) In the bread without flour TONUS, including:
Germ – after germination a sprout will appear from it; it contains proteins, vitamins and mineral substances;
Aleuronic layer – covers central grain part; it contains proteins, vitamins, mineral substances, dietary fibers;
Multilayer membranes – seed and foetus – cover germ and aleuronic layer; they both contain vitamins, mineral substances and dietary fibers.
Bread without flour TONUS contains all valuable nutrients of living grain (during germination vitamins and other healthy substances level is increased many times):
Full set of necessary microelements in balanced composition and easy digestible form, since it is required by germination conditions – magnesium, zinc, selenium, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, silicon, phosphorus, calcium, etc.
Natural vitamins:
1 – thiamine: for nervous system strengthening;
2 – riboflavin: for red blood generation in marrow;
– niacin (3): it is the same for brain as calcium () for bones;
6 – pyridoxine: for diabetes and obesity treatment;
12 cobalamin: malignant [pernicious] anemia treatment;
– scorbic acid: antioxidant with antisclerotic and anticarcinogen effect, slows aging processes down;
– tocopherol: antioxidant, heals heart, kidneys, trombophlebitis, diabetic attacks;
Folic acid: is responsible for blood quality, cures anemia;
Pantothenic acid: allergy and skin diseases treatment;
Inositol: reduces cholesterol in blood;
All irreplaceable amino acids of protein – tryptophan, lysine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, methionine, leucine and isoleucine – are balanced that makes protein easy digestible for human body.
Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS – the main bread “TONUS Wheat”, 100g, compared with bread baked from flour and with so-called “whole grain bread” also baked from flour:
Highest biological value of the protein efficiency ratio (PER), which is 28% higher than PER of bread baked from wholemeal flour (whole wheat flour)
Largest dietary fibers amount – 22,4g (soluble – 13g and insoluble – 9,4g), that allows to recommend Flourless bread TONUS for daily nutrition to patients with diabetes mellitus and obesity
Lowest glycemic index – 41
Low calorie – 187 kcal

Flourless Bread TONUS was recognized as a unique food with no analogues in the world and deserved highest appreciation in Russia and abroad for its high consumer qualities and health improvement properties at the IBA-2000, International Bakery Trade Fair international exhibition «IBA-2000, International Bakery Trade Fair» (Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2000, Munich, Germany).

Flourless TONUS bread was recommended by The Institute of Nutrition and by Ministry of Health of Russia for every day nutrition for all population groups, as well as for diabetic and medicinal nutrition, pre-school and school meals.

Organic Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS is an ecological food. There are no chemical preservatives, leavening agents, flavor enhancers, etc. added. No genetically modified products (GMP) are added.

As for appearance and taste TONUS does not differ from usual bread – it has nice crispy crust and tasty crumb.

Bon appetit!
Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Flourless Bread TONUS: HEALTHY NUTRITION

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